Gameplay | The Deadly Tower of Monsters (Multi, 2016)

I think I read something about this game some time ago and thought it was interesting premise for a game. Even the mechanics looked typical, the aesthetics and the B Movie parody background were something different. I forgot about the game until past week when it was released and, after reading some good opinions, I decided to give it a chance.

After playing a bit (around half hour) I find the game really enjoyable but it’s good to know that you’ll find some (intentional) bad animations (simulating stop motion effects), tons of chromatic aberration and plastic look, all of them crucial to the experience. You will also find lots of humor. The game is basically a top down twin stick shooter (with some twist, like falling from the tower or shooting down mechanics), with up-gradable abilities and weapons. I usually show some captures but don’t have good ones… so, just the video this time ;):


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