Moments | Tales from the Borderlands (Multi, 2014-15)

A bit later than expected, here is my first (and short, sorry) post of the year with some great moments of one of the best games of past year, Tales from the Borderlands. It has been a bit complicated to make a selection, the game has a lot of great little funny moments (already shared two here), including the amazing credit sequences (already shared here). I’ll will probably share more later (including some of the last episode… spoiler warning … great robot battle), but here my first selection:

The Arena & Bossanova

This moment takes place during the last part of first episode. After some great funny moments, I really loved this scene, mixing the control of the two main characters, some humor, action and story twist:

Bro Bro Bro

Well, it’s hard to explain this moments, ridiculously funny:

Gortys Joins the Party

The cutest robot ever and love at first sight. Great (and a bit surprising) job by Ashley Johnson:

Note: I love the illustrations they show with every character introduction, I think I captured almost all of them.

A touching moment within the game. Scooter is a real hero:

Finger Gunshtot

Gloriously ridiculous. They make the joke some times during the game, but here the take it to the next level:


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