Gameplay | Fat Princess Adventures (PS4, 2015) – First Minutes

First Fat Princess was released for PlayStation 3 in 2009 and ported to PSP in 2010. Developed by Titan Studios and produced by Santa Monica Studios PS3 version was (or is, I think that still there’s a community of players) a 32 player competitive multiplayer game where you’ve to rescue a Princess (which is is feed with cake, making her heavier). I never played the game, but I think it was reasonably successful.

During PSX Sony released Fat Princess Adventures, a new entry of this series. Developed by Fun Bits, this game takes a very different gameplay approach this time the game is a 4 player co-op hack’n’slash. You can choose between four classes (Warrior, Archer, Engineer and Mage, already featured on previous game) and you can switch class at every checkpoint. There are numerous checkpoints, so it’s really easy to change class when you need it and adds a variety I really like. When you die, there’s no penalty, you just return to last checkpoint, so it’s also good to change strategy. Additionally, you can find new gear that you can change whenever you want, but gear is class specific. You can also improve and level up gear with coins. Your character also has a level which follows the usual progression system.

To prepare this entry and video, I played around two hours, first solo (to learn the basics) and after that I tried multiplayer to beat the first boss. Multiplayer worked really well and I was lucky enough to join a game (you can create your own, making it open only to friends or everybody) that was just before that boss.

After beating the first boss, the city you’ve just rescued becomes a hub where you can make little sidequests or improve gear. First time was a bit confusing for me until I realize how it worked. After that, I started the next main quest and joined a four player online game (game also has local co-op, which is a nice addition and certainly will work great). I’ve to reckon that I find a bit chaotic with all the four players fighting lots of enemies.

Gameplay relies mainly on combat, with some exploring to find treasure chest. You can two basic attacks, one being more defensive, both of which have a “charge” state. You can also use a special state (Awesome mode) by charging a bar (mainly killing enemies, but also with potions), making your character temporally stronger. Additionally, you can grab, use and throw some items (potions, bombs…).

Finally, as you can see on previous images or next video, game looks really cute, with colorful graphics, lots of humor and, a bit surprising, lots of gore. Game is probably a bit simple, but looks great and is fun for what I’ve played so far. Here a long video showing around half hour of gameplay:

Note: I got the chance to play this game thanks to Santa Monica Studios, incredibly kind community managers with this little blog / channel.


1 thought on “Gameplay | Fat Princess Adventures (PS4, 2015) – First Minutes

  1. You’ll never take the cake la la la. I have never played a Fat Princess game, but this one looks fun. It resembles a cute Diablo.

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