Feature | Tales from the Borderlands (Multi, 2014-15) – Intro Credits

Curiously, some of the best moments of this gaming year (as always, from a very personal point of view) have come from decision making based adventures. After the little disappointment of  the second season of The Walking Dead, I really enjoyed games like Life is Strange (one of the best of the year) or Until Dawn (a really nice surprise, still have to complete blog entry). During last days I’ve been playing another one, Tales from the Borderlands from Telltale Games.

I played original Borderlands a bit (both parts were given away in PS+), enjoyed the opening (great style) and shooting, but never caught me. Never tried the second. But I’ve read so many good impressions about this new Telltale title that I decided to return to Pandora. A great decision. I’m really enjoying this game, its characters, funny dialogues and jokes, and also the action (QTE based) moments. The tone of the game is different from previous Telltale works (I still have to play The Wolf Among Us, I’ll probably start the New Year with it). I’ll probably share some great moments of the game soon (I’ve just finished Episode 3), for now I’m sharing one distinctive part of the game, the great intro credits of every episode (Note: two for now, will upload remaining three during weekend):


Episode 1


Episode 2


Episode 3


Episode 4


Episode 5



3 thoughts on “Feature | Tales from the Borderlands (Multi, 2014-15) – Intro Credits

  1. Until Dawn and Tales from the Borderlands are some of the best games I have played this year. Out of the musical intros episode 4 is my favorite. A cool track and the cinematic sequence is hilarious.

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    1. Just played Episode 4 today (will finish the game tomorrow) and I agree, it’s the best intro. Loving the game, good story and characters, lots of great funny moments. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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