Music | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Multi, 2009)

I’ve to reckon that pass week I was suddenly tempted of buying Call of Duty: Black Ops III, even if lately I’ve little time (and I’m not really enjoying) online competitive gaming. I guess marketing works xD… well, almost. Finally, I decided to pass, something I’ve done since my last COD, Modern Warfare 3 (actually, three MW games were the only ones I bought for PS3).

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was an amazing game, bought it day one in 2007 (during my first weeks with PS3) and I enjoyed both single-player and multi-player a lot. Single player has some memorable moments already shared, especially missions like All Ghillied Up. To be honest, first time I played it, when you assault the ship, I noticed the game was a bit on rails and played by itself… something is a trademark of the saga as you can see in this recent Kotaku video.

Two years later, enjoyed the campaign (which includes the controversial “No Russian”), less the multi, but still played a bit (it was released close after Uncharted 2 release and, even if I initially had doubts about putting an online portion on Uncharted, really played a lot of its online modes). And finally, when MW3 was released, I didn’t buy it on release, I bought it during a sale and played the campaign (not as good as previous) and very little the online.

I usually enjoy these game’s soundtrack, very similar to usual action movie fanfares. First Modern Warfare already had a good soundtrack, but I find the second one even better, composed by Hans Zimmer (and his team). If I’ve to choose one, that probably would be Extraction Point and for this post I’m sharing the special version that sounds during ending credits (probably will share the original here later, but I need to prepare a proper video, don’t like to just put one image):


1 thought on “Music | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Multi, 2009)

  1. Marketing and hype does work. In the past adverts have tempted me to purchase titles that in retrospect I wasn’t all that interested it.

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