Gallery | Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

I continue replaying Uncharted Trilogy and I’m absolutely hooked with photo mode. I think I will start playing third game this weekend and I have already taken more than 1000 photos. During this week, I’ve completed the gallery of the first game and uploaded what I consider best captures of Uncharted 2: Among, once I finished past weekend.

Uncharted 2 Thieves is often seen as one of the best games of past generation of consoles. The good enough story, nice characters, good gameplay, spectacular set pieces (something more accentuated in the third game) and great pacing make this game a blast to play, start to finish. From the opening, to the falling building part or the train sequence, one of the defining moments of previous generation (followed but a strangely calm, but perfect, part), Naughty Dog builds one incredible ride and a game that you’ll never forget.

This time, and contrary to the first one, I make the effort of classifying the captures in three different groups, with the new format (embedded Flickr gallery) , hope you like it :



Uncharted™_ The Nathan Drake Collection_20151023202304

Uncharted™_ The Nathan Drake Collection_20151018194203
Characters & Others
Uncharted™_ The Nathan Drake Collection_20151031125204

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