Moments | Life Is Strange (Multi, 2015) – Part 2 of 2

Two weeks ago, DontNod released Life is Strange’s last episode, closing the game (for now?). This second part sums up the best moments of Episodes 4 and 5. Spoiler warning. You can read first part here.

Episode 4 – Decision

Episode 4 comes after the shocking events where after Max altered the past (saving Chloe’s father), you found Chloe living in a wheelchair and with a declining health because of a car accident. During those moments, you enjoy some good time with Chloe, but she finally, seeing his terminal condition, asks you for something, a really tough decision:

I don’t think this blog is the best place to debate subjects like this but, like some movies around the same topic, this is a really human situation and don’t think there’s a good or bad choice. After that, Max goes back in time again to restore the usual timeline of the game.

Episode 4 – Rachel Amber’s Fate

Once the main timeline is restored, the story continues. Max and Chloe investigate all the clues they have surrounding Rachel Amber’s disappearance, a recurrent point of the story, a non-present character very related to Chloe, Frank and other characters.

They finally arrive to a farm (a Nathan’s family’s property, one of the main suspects of Rachel’s disappearance andalso related to what happened to Kate) where they find the Dark Room, a sinister place where some macabre photos are taken (including photos of Rachel and Kate, and pointing Victoria as probable next victim). Her fate was finally reveled here:

Episode 4 – Ending

After previous events and discoveries, Max has to go to a party (not in the best mood), trying to advice Victoria she could be on danger because Nathan’s plans. Suddenly, Max and Chloe receive a message from Nathan, telling them that it’s going to destroy the proofs about Rachel Amber’s Fate. When they arrive to the junkyard, the truth is unveiled:

Episode 5

Life is Strange’s last episode it’s a bit special, probably not as good as previous ones, something expected because it’s difficult to close this kind of stories. After the shocking revelation at the end of previous episode, you find Max kidnapped, knowing Chloe is dead and that she probably won’t be able to change that this time. You spend the first half of the chapter going back and forward, trying to change the things, finding some good moments, some really disturbing. You even find a timeline where you win the photo contest, flight to San Francisco and you find Max happy… for a short time.  After every good change, comes a bad consequence. There are some good moments I’ve captured during my playthrough, but in the end, and related to game’s ending (and my final choice), I find thesetwo consecutive moments the best one to show that.

Episode 5 – Timeline

After some really disturbing events, even nightmarish, I like this moment. It’s a recompilation of the moments of a very special week for Max. A week during which she meets her old friend Chloe again, after some years of being apart. A week with some weird events, with snow, with nights of two moons, dreaming with apocalyptic storms. A week with really shocking events, like what happens to Kate or Rachel. And a week with a lot of decision to be made and a lot to learn. It’s very focused around her moments with Chloe, but that makes more sense with the moment that comes after:

Episode 5 – Ending

After reviewing all the moments that they’ve lived together during a week like seems like a life, the final decision appears in front of Max. She can save Chloe and face the consequences of the storm, or go back to the moment everything started. This, my choice, after that, an explanation:

I decided to sacrifice Chloe because I thought that was the only way to stop and finish everything that was happening around Max since she saved her. Yes, she dreamt with the storm before meeting (and saving) Chloe from being shoot by Nathan. But everything was related to Chloe’s death at that point. After that moment, everything changed and the story is a continuous journey of Max saving Chloe every time, and looks like will continue in the same way. The only (hard) solution, was going back to the start.

I usually don’t like this approach of nothing happened (except for Max, she remembers everything and I think that one of the conclusions is that she has learnt a lot facing all the events of the game). But I understand that this kind of stories, with some sort of time travelling and changing fates is usually hard to close properly. And that’s why a more linear classic story like the one you find in Until Dawn works better in this kind of games (consequences are clearer). But even with this little negative point, Life is Strange ended being one of my favorite games of the year, I really recommend it.

PS: Life is Strange song selection is amazing, add this theme, “Spanish Sahara” by Foals that sounds during my ending.


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