Moment | Heavy Rain (PS3, 2010) – The Lizard

Even if many features of Heavy Rain were already present in Quantic Dream’s previews works (like Fahrenheit / Indigo Prophecy), it was the a bit surprising success of this title which put Quantic Dream as a developer to follow. Their next game, Beyond Two Suls, with even greater production values, was a bit disappointing for me, even if it was a good ride. Tomorrow is expected to be a great day for Quantic Dream because everything points to a reveal of their new project for PS4 (and the release date of remastered versions of their PS3 games). Until now, we have seen a tech demo (The Sorcerer), a possible title (Singularity) and some rumors about a futuristic story (which will fall in the line of Kara, the amazing tech demo shown before Beyond Two Souls’ reveal). They also promised “more gameplay or interaction” and the recruited new writing talent (to be honest, there were many things to improve in David Cage’s scripts).

Speaking about Heavy Rain (light spoilers from here), I think it was a good game with an interesting plot even with some plot holes, a bit ridiculous points or some bad voice acting. The story follows four different characters with different roles (the father of the last victim, a photographer that will help him, a federal agent and a private detective, both trying to resolve the case) related to the Origami Killer, a psychopath that kidnaps and drowns with rain water kids. This and other points of the story made it a bit controversial project, with some discussions between Quantic Dream and Sony which finally produced / distributed the title.

Gameplay is mainly based in a limited interaction with the environments, choices and Quick Time Events (QTE). Failing some QTE or making some choices really have some consequences (main characters can even die), that’s something that I really appreciate in this kind of games, as I have said other times (and the way it’s managed in Until Dawn has made it one of my favorites in the genre ever).

There are some great moments, with really hard and even moral decisions to be taken (“How far will you go to save someone you love?” was game’s tagline), mostly related to the trials that the Origami Killer send to the fathers of his victims in a some kind of cruel “game” to prove if they’re good fathers. For today’s entry I’ve chosen this one, The Lizard, a crude moment, with similarities with some movies, in the middle of Ethan Mars’ (the main character whose son is the last victim of the Origami Killer) journey to hell trying to save his son:


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  1. Yeah, Beyond Two Souls was disappointing. It had so much potential but the limited gameplay and fragmented storytelling didn’t impress me.

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