Feature | Until Dawn (PS4, 2015) – First Playthrough

When I started Until Dawn I was thinking about sharing first minutes of the game (something I do a lot here… even if I don’t usually like watching this kind of videos xD), but I was feeling that wouldn’t give a correct impression of the game. Then, and because I was loving it and that’s the meaning of this blog, I was going to share some moments here, but couldn’t find the right moment / content to share. So, finally decided to write this post mostly about one of the best features of the games: choices, consequences and the magic of the first playthrough.

I knew very little about the game because of my intentional blackout (something I’m doing more and more with games, movies…), only that the game was a choice based adventure, with many points in common with slasher movies. I’m not going to detail every choice (because I can’t remember all of them), but it’s great to discover how some little ones have a certain influence (for example, giving or not a flare changes that characters fate).

[Note: because “reasons”, this post will be completed during following days, including a new video on October 31st. For now, “enjoy” this]


6 thoughts on “Feature | Until Dawn (PS4, 2015) – First Playthrough

  1. I completed the game and still fell for the jump scare.


    1. Sorry, I’ve to xD. I get scared easily and I had a great/bat time playing this. Can’t wait to play again, but nothing surpasses the first Playthrough, knowing nothing and facing the consequences (in this game, choices really matter). As always, thanks for commenting!

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