Gameplay | The Talos Principle (Multi, 2014-15) – First Minutes

The Talos Principle is a puzzle game played in a first person view (with, apparently, an optional third person view, but didn’t test it), so it could have some likeness with Portal. The game is developed by Croteam and was released for PC past year, with an expansion released during this year. Last week they released PS4 version (the one I’m going to show here) for 40 € including the expansion. It can seem a bit expensive, but the game has a lot of puzzles and some are really challenging. I guess I’m not going to finish it xD.

Main character is a robot which contrasts with the environments, ruins from Greek/Roman architecture. During my first minutes, I face some simple puzzles (even if, you can see in the video, I had some problems when first sentinels appeared), mostly based in using some tools to disable barriers or those sentinels. First impressions are excellent, now I need some time (really hooked with Uncharted remasters… and their photo mode) to continue and test myself with more puzzles. It’s always great to combine different genres.


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