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There’s always a good reason to write more post about Uncharted, one of my favorites sagas. “Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection” for PS4 was released past week, a remastered edition of the three titles Naughty Dog developed for PS3. Even if I have played this trilogy many times, couldn’t resist to replay again because I enjoy them every single time. Photo mode is another big reasons, right now I’m addicted to this feature. Today I start the gallery of the first game, the one which introduces Nathan Drake, Elena Fisher and Victor Sullivan in their search of El Dorado. Since I read first things about this title in 2006, it was clear that I was going to love the game. The mix of adventure, action and humor, seemed perfect. And even if it has some flaws and watched too much videos before playing (a mistake I try to avoid right now), it was an incredible ride.

One thing that it’s a bit different from the sequels it’s that most of the story takes place in a single setting. This could be a bit repetitive, but here is brilliantly managed and every level feels unique and fresh, Naughty Dog art team is top notch. Global trotting is great in the sequels (and set pieces are bigger), but I really like the sense of adventure, the sense of going forward of this first game.

First idea was to to group captures in three categories: Action, Characters and Environments, but in this collection’s photo mode is a bit more limited than in other titles, so for now it’s going to be just one gallery. And with this post (even if I’ll probably update some old posts also) I start a new format for this kind of entries. I will share 8 captures in total directly here and you can find the rest in embedded Flikcr galleries. The reason is capture’s file size for better quality and that it’s easier for me to manage the updates/files. Hope you like it (you can always send some feedback, I’ll try to improve and find the best solution).

Full Gallery

Uncharted™_ The Nathan Drake Collection_20151010144610

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