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When I started uploading videos in 2012 I honestly didn’t have a plan about what kind of content was going to share. So, I started with gameplay videos (mostly from demos) and slowly the channel started to take form. As I wrote other times, this blog was the way to order the content, but some of the older videos weren’t featured here. I have had doubts about making entries with those videos, but finally decided to choose some of them and share here, because I think that enriches blog’s content.

(Note: featured image from

Binary Domain

I think I will play this someday, a lot of people love it and you can find really cheap on digital store on sales:


SSX (2012)

I never played original ones in PS2 (but I really loved the demo of the first one that came with my original PS2). Didn’t buy this PS3, fortunately, classic SSX fans weredisappointed:


I Am Alive

This game have a troubled development. I enjoyed, but when you compare itwith other titles… This gameplay it’s taken from the demo, I bought and finished some time later:



I think that this game was free with PS+. I played, recorded and uploaded the same day it was released and it’s one of my more viewed videos (honestly, I don’t know why, I played horribly xD). By the time, I didn’t even know what a MOBA is):


Dragon’s Dogma

I’ve this on my backlog, free with PS+ as usual, and certainly will play it sooner or later. This gameplay it’s taken from the demo:


Top Spin 4

I miss a good new tennis game, I think this was the last one (Probably Virtua Tennis 4 was released later and enjoyed in Vita, but I prefer Top Spin’s gameplay):


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