Gameplay | SOMA (Multi, 2015) – First Minutes

After the surprising success of Amnesia in 2010 (a game that just tasted, need to play it more time), developer Frictional Games have spent almost five years to release their new game, SOMA. Base elements could be similar to their previous title but the setting is completely different. The game starts slowly, but really enjoyed those first minutes where you explore your apartment and learn the basic controls, which I find really intuitive. After that, and some strange events (classic storytelling), you wake up in a strange place…

My intention was to share, as usual, just the first 10 or 15 minutes, but finally decided to expand the video a bit so the game is shown properly (for example, more clues about where you are). After I uploaded the video, I continued playing and noticed that the first enemy encounter was just after where the video ends, so isn’t shown here (sorry). Basically, at least at this first encounters, the game has the usual hide / stealth mechanics. To be honest, didn’t find those moments especially terrifying (I get scared easily) but there’s still a lot to go. Short after, there are some great moments, including the first time you explore the outskirts (I’m trying not saying too much xD). But for now, here my first minutes playing SOMA:


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