Moments | Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture (PS4, 2015)

I finished “Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture” some weeks ago and even if it’s a bit special game (slow, limited gameplay), I would recommend it to any PS4 owner who wants something different. I shared here my first minutes of the game and I can confirm the game gets better after those moments, even if I think that the end part of the game is not as good as previous parts. But overall, I find discovering people’s stories (some little, some big, some charming, some hard), visiting different (and really beautiful) locations and learning what relays behind the disappearance of everybody a really good experience to enjoy start to finish.


Kids are upstairs

Early in the game and while I still was learning game’s basics, I found this little moment (sorry, some previous moments are missing in the recording), the first one that showed me that the game could be something special. The game doesn’t show the characters in a usual way, but imagining the situation was absolutely heartbreaking.


Stephen and the fox

Stephen is one of the main characters in game’s story and has a lot of shadows (including some really reprehensible actions), so isn’t very likeable. But during last moments of the game (yes, even if I find the ending not as good as other parts, this certain moment is really good), he tells the story of the fox his father found. The game’s story is open to interpretation and you can find really nice articles over the internet, but I honestly think that this story is the key to understand what happened, so I found it extraordinary. I don’t show what happens just after this scene (Stephen’s fate), but that could be another great moment to share… or play.


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