Opening | FEZ (Multi, 2012-2014)

According to plan (yes, I’ve a plan xD), past Monday I was going to upload my first minutes with Until Dawn, the adventure / decision making / slasher game developed by Supermassive and released for PS4 past week. The game is really promising and could be one the surprises of this year. But reviewing what I recorded I felt like the video wasn’t going to make justice to the game. That’s the reason to have plans, been able change them. For now, here you can enjoy the beautiful intro credits of the game and certainly the game will appear here again.

So, I couldn’t prepare another blog entry on time and had to skip that update. For today’s entry I’ve chosen FEZ opening, the game developed by POLYTRON (well, Phil Fish) first released for Xbox 360 in 2012 and later for PC, OSX, Linux and PlayStation platforms (at first, it was going to be categorized as “Moment”, but finally decided to put all the opening because contextualizes better the moment). I still have to finish the game, but really loved the way it reveals the existence of the new dimension (which is the key point of the gameplay of the game), simulating a system failure in a very 80s computer.


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