Gameplay | Galak-Z (PS4, 2015) – First Minutes

I really like classic arcade games and even more shooters which were one on my favorite genres on my early gaming days (they used to be spectacular). Thanks to digital downloads, some of those classic genres are having, in my opinion, a new golden age and I’m enjoying it a lot.

Today I bring here Galak-Z, a different kind of shooter developed by 17-Bit. Announced two years ago and finally released past week, I’ve been following this game since start. The game is also coming soon for PC. Unfortunately, a Vita version was put on hold recently because technical limitations. Its aesthetic reminds 80s’ Japanese cartoons (actually, Japanese artists worked in this game and it’s divided in five seasons composed each one by five episodes). It has nice “retro” touches, like memory loading at start (like old arcade machines) or a pause menu very similar to a VHS video (including tracking xD).

Once you start playing, you’ll find a typical story (you’re the last ship…), but the gameplay isn’t. As the classic Asteroids, you control de direction with the stick and the throttle with a button. It takes some time to get used, but works. Here my first minutes, showing the tutorial and the first mission. At first it looks easy, but things get complicated early and you lost most of the progress every time you die. Fortunately, as other rogue-like game, levels are generated procedurally, so even if you have to repeat seasons and chapters, it always feels fresh.  Later you gain more power and attack options, including the transformation of the ship into a mech, but remains as a strategical shooter, different from other I’ve played recently. And that’s good.


3 thoughts on “Gameplay | Galak-Z (PS4, 2015) – First Minutes

  1. I bought this when it came out. The pilot looks like something out of Robotech. I still haven’t unlocked the mech mode because the game is pretty tough.

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