Landscapes | The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (Multi, 2014-15)

Back to the blog after a few weeks, I expect, but can’t promise, to recover regular Monday and Thursday updates. I think that during next months we are going to see great new games releases that will provide good content and I will try to mix these with older and classic games. Really hope you’ll like it and, as always, you can make recommendations (with my usual limitations, I don’t own every platform and every game, but I try my best).

For this first post I’ve chosen “The Vanishing of Ethan Carter”, a first person adventure/exploration game released in 2014 for PC and that was released on PS4 past July. Before playing it, I knew little about it and I think is better that way, so I’m not going to explain too much about the story here. When you start the game first you meet a beautiful forest and an intriguing story, which is revealed slowly, with some puzzles and written notes.

The game gives you little hints about  what you’ve to do to progress, but with some logic and the visual clues of the game you can advance and story of the game. I find the story really interesting, but open to your own interpretation. If you have beaten the game, I find this article really interesting, it’s written by the developers of the game. I’ve to notice that the game could be a bit expensive, my first playthrough took me around three hours, but I really enjoyed every minute and still have to solve some little secrets. And after finishing it, I still have found more details and secrets while recording the videos for this post.

As I’ve said before, the places you visit during this game are really beautiful and another good reason to enjoy this title and to make this post. Here’s a video showing them, maybe a bit spoilerific even if some little places or details aren’t shown, you’ll have to play it to discover those. I’ve left the original in game sound even if I had some doubts about adding game’s really beautiful soundtrack. You can also find an image gallery, that’s the reason why this post is on both categories. Hope you like it:


Note: as you can see, from this moment I’ve removed watermark on images. I’ve been reading about this and you can find different opinions. Certainly, someone can take my own captures and use them without authorization, but I’ve also use others captures without referencing them (from this moment, I will also try to reference original creators as I did on last Call of Duty post or at MotorStorm feature with track layouts).


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