Ending | Red Dead Redemption (Multi, 2010)

First some backstory about this post. Since I started uploading game endings, Red Dead Redemption was on my mind. Unfortunately, I thought I didn’t have a save previous to the end to capture it. I know you can replay the missions, but I also thought that wasn’t exactly the same and that I was missing something. For today (and related to the E3 Feature and the hypothetical announcement of a sequel), I was going to prepare a “Landscapes” video and when I loaded the game, I noticed a save just from that moment. So, I changed the plan (eventually, Landscapes will come sooner or later to the post) I captured it… to finally acknowledge that was exactly the same as the one you can replay.

About the game and its ending, when I look back and remember the time while I was playing Red Dead Redemption, I found it massive (maybe too much), it took me a long time to finish it and enjoyed for the most part (I had some problems with Mexico). I can easily remember the beautiful landscapes, with its dynamic weather and time of the day, the different locations, from deserts to small towns or mountains, the fauna… the first time you arrive to Mexico with Jose Gonzalez’s “Far Away” playing or (SPOILERS from this point) the return to home after killing your old band members while you hear “Compass” by Jamie Lidell. The story of John Marston, a retired criminal trying to have a “normal” life and forced to take the guns again, was interesting enough (he clearly isn’t a “good guy”), with some great secondary characters (like Bonnie). I think the ending is good, because even he could probably escape with his wife and son, the only way to finish everything and to be sure his family would be save, was this:

PS: the hilarious “Undead Nightmare” zombie expansion was also excellent addition to the game.


4 thoughts on “Ending | Red Dead Redemption (Multi, 2010)

  1. thesilentprotagonist August 8, 2015 — 21:55

    Imo GTAV is an incredible technical achievement, Bully was very unique and Max Payne told a great story, but Red Dead Redemption is Rockstar’s masterpiece.

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    1. I still have to play Bully / Canis Canem Edit (I have a digital copy for PS3 waiting…), but I agree. It’s probably because it has a good story, good (not perfect) gameplay and a beautiful and vast open world. So, a good combination of the elements of the other titles in one place. Waiting for the sequel, I’m sure RockStar San Diego is working on it. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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