Gaming Picks Pre-E3 2015 Feature (Part 1 of 2)

Like past year, I’m going to make this special pre-E3. To be honest, I’m trying to focus more on what I can play now instead of what’s coming (yes, I like to know about future releases, but with some precautions). Also, some companies (Sony specially) are spreading their announcements along other events like Gamescom (or Paris Games Week this year), Tokyo Game Show, Nintendo Directs or PlayStation Experience (after the success of past year’s first edition, surely they will repeat), so E3 isn’t the only place where we’ll see future release. But I’m not going to make a feature for every event, so take this one as a recap of what I expect to see during next gaming events, starting with E3 in June.

Also, it’s a good excuse to force myself to prepare some new content. Like past year, during next days and until the start of the E3, new content will be unveiled (the one marked with New!), related to the games included in this feature. Finally, the feature is longer than expected, so I divided it in two parts. Hope you like it.


Right now there are fewer big developers (Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Activision, EA, Ubi Soft, Bethesda, Square Enix and Warner), so it’s difficult to see new original content (big budgets are too risky). I hope we still can be surprised with big new original AAA titles and not only sequels, but that looks more and more difficult right now and a lot of the games people expect to see are sequels or big franchises. Other classic companies, like Capcom or, specially, Konami, aren’t on their best moment.

Speaking about the platform holders, after the release during first months of the year of Bloodborne (an expansion is already confirmed, but probably won’t be shown at E3), The Order: 1886 or MLB The Show 15 (I love having great games during all the year) along other small titles like Helldivers, Sony has to face the problem of Uncharted 4 and Ratchet And Clank’s delay, making it’s holyday lineup look a bit weak. Past year the situation was similar and strong third party games can’t make it up a bit. Exclusive titles like Dragon Quest Heroes or, specially, Persona 5 (at least in America, still waiting European release date confirmation) can also strength line up. I don’t know if Morpheus VR Technology will take a long time of the conference, but past GDC impressions were excellent and know I’m interested on what they can offer (if the price is right).

Microsoft keeps working hard to recover from a bad start with Xbox One and I think they’re doing some great things. They will show already announced games Forza Motorsport 6, new Gears of Wars, Scalebound, Crackdown, HALO 5 or Quantum Break. Great lineup, which along exclusives like Tomb Raider (and certainly will announce more, like new Rare project) make Microsoft platform a really good gaming option.

Nintendo will show more on Zelda (looks great, but it’s delayed to 2016) and Starfox, but I think WiiU has a tough road ahead. Their first party lineup it’s as great as always, but their third party support is worse than ever. Everything is pointing to a new Nintendo device announcement in 2016, so this year can be more like a transition period.

And now, what I personally expect to see announced during E3 (or soon after):

New Game Announcements

Gran Turismo 7

For years Gran Turismo has been one of de biggest Sony’s game franchise, but this has been changing. Polyphony’s latest efforts were far from perfect and I still think that it was a mistake to release GT6 on PS3. I know Yamauchi wanted to deliver a definitive GT to PS3 users, but it was already late and PS4 success has been bigger than anyone expected. It also didn’t help half-baked features or entirely missing promised ones (like GPS track creator). It’s true that the added new tracks and cars for free, which is remarkable these days. Another factor to take on account can be the decreasing market of driving games on console.

Now, there are a lot of doubts. DRIVECLUB set the bar really high last year, at least from a technical/artistical point of view (I think is combination of two, great engine + lighting + landscapes + weather… and, I know, that the game is 30 fps, but rock solid and with great motion blur). But, honestly, Gran Turismo is a different kind of beast and, surely, technically will look great, but what about sense of competition, the online? Some new rumors point that it could be called “Gran Turismo Sport” which could point to that change and the game being more centered on Motorsport competition.

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Amy Hennig’s Star Wars Project

Amy Hennig joined Electronic Arts’ Visceral Games past year and she’s preparing a third person action adventure game based on Star Wars universe. Knowing her previous works (with classics like Soul Reaver and the Uncharted saga), my expectations are really high, more after reading that the main character could be Han Solo.

Probably they’ll show just a teaser because Star Wars Battlefront is this year’s game, but they need to start building next year’s game… or that’s what I want. Honestly I prefer this to Battlefront game. More realistically, will be shown next spring to be released fall/winter 2016.


God of War IV

Sony’s Santa Monica Studio has suffered big changes during past months. After the no so successful release of God of War: Ascension (I enjoyed the game, but wasn’t the best entry of the saga, specially the story) and the cancelation of their next project (an space adventure, apparently), the studio suffered layouts including some studio veterans… but also they moved to a new office and created a new logo trying to renew the studio. It’s good to remember that Santa Monica also helps small teams (like thatgamecompany in the past or Giant Sparrow, Honeyslug and Funomena now) to make surprising and original games.

Even if I would prefer something new, now is almost certain that their new game is a new entry of God of War saga. Two years ago, one of the original development team members and second game director Cory Barlog returned to Santa Monica and started a new project and he confirmed unintentionally during past PSX that it’s a new God of War game. I trust Cory Barlog as director, but I’ve doubts. I wish a big departure from previous titles, probably with a new mythology. I cannot answer if I want Kratos to be back, but after the God of War III Remastered announcement, I think that it will be a direct continuation, but honestly don’t know how. I also think that a bit more adventure and puzzles will be good and that they maintain the sense of journey the best games they had, God of War II plus bosses like some of God of War III will be a good blueprint. For this E3, I only expect a little teaser with a full blow out during next events (Paris Game Week in October or PSX in December).

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Fallout 4

Everybody’s waiting this announcement since Skyrim was released, but it looks like the moment have finally arrived. For the first time, Bethesda is holding a E3 conference this June and they main titles right now are: Doom, Fallout 4 and Dishonored 2. According to rumors, the game will be set in Boston and I expect that with the power of current machines, even the setting is gritty they can make a beautiful detailed open world. Can’t wait to see how it looks (and plays).

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New Media Molecule’s Game

This already appeared on my past year E3 feature, but nothing was announced. Some studio members teased that this year they’re finally showing their new game and I’m excited to know how it can be. During PS4 unveiling, they showed a tech demo, but I’m not sure the final product will look like that (and I wish Move controller and Camera aren’t obligatory).

On the meantime, Media Molecule is releasing soon the PS4 port (with 50% new content) of their Vita masterpiece, Tearaway. Obviously, the game won’t be exactly the same, some of its unique mechanics will be lost in this new version, but even with those changes, is a game that everybody should play.
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New “Red Dead” Game

Usually people say that Rockstar has no presence at E3. But that isn’t entirely true. During pass years we’ve seen announcements like Grand Theft Auto IV DLC Xbox Exclusivity or the infamous Agent on E3 stage. They even showed a preliminary Red Dead Redemption teaser during a Sony during first years of PS3. So, after the massive Grand Theft Auto V success I think that the time of a new game announcement has come (apart from an expected expansion of GTAV).

Rockstar San Diego has been working on something for years and what everybody expects is a new Red Dead game. Previous title was something special, with beautiful dynamic landscapes, a good story and some amazing moments I will never forget, like the arrival to Mexico, listening the song “Compass” after last mission or the game ending (unfortunately, when I played the game I didn’t have a capture card and now I don’t have time to replay and share those moments, but I’ll upload something related next week). I’m intrigued about where and when will take place the game, Redemption was very close to the end year of Wild West.

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It’s well known that KillZone developer Guerrilla Games has been working on something new since November 2011. They probably started with a small team while developing KillZone: Shadow Fall and during the development, they hired new staff, including the writer of Fallout: New Vegas, Gonzalez. Past year, some concept arts leaked and showed some of the main points of the game (already teased by Shinobi, GAF member and with some access to information): open world RPG, with dinobots and a red hair woman as main character.

We haven’t seen anything else, but this looks like a big and ambitious project and we’ll certainly see more next June during Sony’s E3 conference. Can’t wait to see more.

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Watch_Dogs 2

Watch_Dogs was one of the most controversial games of 2014. The graphical downgrade compared to 2012 reveal along some other problems (weak story, a bit boring city) disappointed a lot of players. But the game also had some good mechanics, related to the hacking, and I found shooting, for example, more satisfying than other open world games. I think that a sequel is coming (the game sold a lot) and if they polish technical aspects, along an interesting story and they evolve the gameplay mechanics that worked, it can be a really special game and fulfill the promise of the first game (something similar to the jump from Assassin’s Creed to Assassin’s Creed II).

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New Bend Studio Project

Yes, this possible new game already appeared past year and we still don’t know anything. There have been some articles about how Bend Studio cancelled different project (including a sequel to Uncharted for Vita or inFamous for Vita), but finally it looks like they are on the road track with their PS4 game using Unreal Engine. Past days, some insiders share a bit of information. We already know the game it’s an open world terror game, last information points to a game similar to Resident Evil, The Evil Within or The Last of Us. Thinking of a game similar to The Last of Us with a more open maps make me really excited to see what they’re developing, at least speaking about gameplay.

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The Last Guardian

And here we go again. Six years after its first showing, I almost consider this a new game announcement. Every year, before every game conference, same rumors appear everywhere. But the game is still missing, Sony denies it’s cancelled and the cycle continues. I honestly think that this will be the year, that is going to be released for PS4 and that isn’t going to take long from re-reveal to release. The game will have differences with what we saw one day and after such a long development, expectations will be too high to be satisfied. But we are talking about the developers that brought us ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. They have my trust.

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  1. A new Fallout and Red Dead would be awesome.

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    1. I’m sure we are going to see a new Fallout game during Bethesda E3 Conference on June 14th. And about new Red Dead, sooner or later it will appear, RockStar San Diego is developing a new open world game and they haven’t release any game since previous Red Dead. As always, thanks for reading and commenting the blog.

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