Gameplay | Shovel Knight (Multi, 2014-15) – First Minutes

Another 2D game with classic sprite graphics. Shovel Knight is an action platform game developed by Yatch Club Games, released past year on PC, Wii U and 3DS and now is coming to PlayStation (cross-buy, as usual, perfect game for Vita) and Xbox One.

I know that during last years, this kind of games have become popular and have been praised (sometimes too much), but as an “old gamer”, I love playing this games. They feel classic, but their gameplay is really refined (some old classics have some gameplay problems). And I also like to combine differente type of games.

Here the first minutes of the game:


2 thoughts on “Gameplay | Shovel Knight (Multi, 2014-15) – First Minutes

  1. I bought this game earlier and played through the first level. It’s not quite as good as I was hoping. The limited attack range and the jumping don’t jive with me.


    1. I’m enjoying it, already beat three bosses. After first level, you arrive to the village and you can buy upgrades and relics. First relic allowed me to launch firefalls to enemies, so it’s great for long range attacks. Attacking with the shovel feels a bit limited, as you say. Thanks for commenting!

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