Gameplay | Helldivers (PS3/4/Vita, 2015) – Intro + First Missions

Another recent release comes to the blog while I prepare something more “classic”. I’ve some doubts before buying Helldivers, the new game by Arrowhead, makers of Magicka (I haven’t played it but apparently both games has some points in common). I love twin sticks shooters (both on ship or on foot) and this top down view games always feel funny and classic. In fact, can’t wait play Alienation, the new game by Housermarque expected later this year. But usually I’m not a big online player and this game heavily relies on co-op (it has to be noted the game also has a great local multiplayer option). Finally (and fortunately) I bought it past weekend and really enjoyed my first moments with it.


The game sets you in a future where you’ve to fight some aliens that try to destroy humans. Classic, but with a heavy “Starship Troopers” tone that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The story isn’t important here, just an excuse, but gameplay is. Basically you move the Helldiver with left stick, aim with right stick and shoot, launch grenades and use stratagems (more on this later) with triggers and front buttons. Again, simple but effective. You select a planet where you have different missions across procedurally generated maps, you earn experience to improve weapons and gears and your progress is added to a global leaderboard showing how the war is going. That’s all, but, at least during first hours, the game works and it’s addictive.

I still have to play more and also play it with friends (my online time was using matchmaking) but right now these are the main points of the game:

  • Friendly Fire makes the online game better (when you meet people that want to play the game properly). You’ve to play carefully and think about you position in the formation (usually, defensive)
  • Stratagems adds a bit of tactic when you’re playing defensive or ofensive. You can build machine gun towers, ammo depots, special bombs… You must push the correct button combination, so you can’t do it under attack.
  • Global campaign: still have to see how this develops later, but all you action influence the game universe and the balance of the war

The game is cross-buy/cross-play/cross-save for PS3, PS4 and Vita, which is great because increases the number of players with the game across all three platforms.

Following video shows the intro of the game (as I said before, the tone is very similar to “Starship Troopers”, including the “TV News” style) and the first four missions I played, two going solo and two four playing online co-op. I’m still learning to play, so not best gameplay you can find on YouTube xD. (Note: I’ve cut the tutorial, it’s funny but the basics are easy to learn even watching pure gameplay).

Edit: another online co-op gameplay video added


2 thoughts on “Gameplay | Helldivers (PS3/4/Vita, 2015) – Intro + First Missions

  1. I’m interested in trying this out. It looks like a Diablo like Destiny.

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    1. I still have to play more, but some things are surprisingly similar to Destiny (characters, landscapes, going back to the ship between missions…) xD). I only played first Diablo a bit years ago, but I think this is a bit different. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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