Moments | The Order: 1886 (PS4, 2015)

I usually take my time before posting some of the videos, with some exceptions like simple gameplays or especial games. That was the case with “The Last of Us”, I was uploading content at the same time was playing it (and I’m happy I did that, the game was truly special). It’s true that most of the people likes watching or reading content about the most recent releases, but for me it’s difficult to have everything ready on time. But for some reason, I wanted to share two moments of the recently released The Order: 1886.

The Order: 1886 is having polarized opinions. Personally, I enjoyed the game. It has its faults (some pace problems, I wish some action parts were a bit longer and a more developed investigation part), but overall, the game was solid, the story and characters were good enough to keep me going, the shooting mechanics were satisfying (played without aim assist) and I can’t remember the last time I put so much time in a game during a weekend.

Still have to play again and but there are two moments during the game that already are between my favorites. And yes, they’re mostly custscenes, but the game also delivered great moments on pure gameplay moments. You’ll find big spoilers of the game from this point.

Oh the Humanity

The first one comes just after the destruction of the Agamemnon, the airship where you fight the rebels trying to murder Lord Hastings. At the end of the chapter, a rebel detonates a bomb and the airship crashes at Crystal Palace:

The Trial

The second one really broke my heart. After some hours fighting along The Order, you witness the trial against Galahad/Grayson, with all of them finding him guilty of treason. It’s especially hard when both Lady Igraine/Isi and Lafayette plead you guilty:


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