Moment | Grand Theft Auto III (PS2, 2001) – First Minutes

I think that I’ve already said before, when I first saw the first minutes of Grand Theft Auto III I felt like I was watching the future of videogames. It was on a French TV Channel dedicated to games (remember, it was 2001 xD, but it was a great channel, with tons of uncut gameplay) and they played the first minutes of the game. By the time, I was excited with Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty or the Gamecube launch (even if it was delayed in Europe to 2002), but watching Liberty City open in front of me, with all the apparent freedom… was a revelation.  I was fortunate enough to get a PS2 and the game and played it a lot, probably my most played GTA game. Now, I’ve less time to play and I’m a bit tired of open world, sandbox games (I still have to finish GTA V), but I still remember those first minutes (both watching on TV and playing by myself), the first time I took the car and drive around Liberty City, such a great moment:


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