Landscapes | DRIVECLUB (PS4, 2014)

If there’s a game that continuosly impressed me during last months, that’s DRIVECLUB. Even with its problems during launch, the core of a great arcade racing game was always there. But apart from a great gameplay (for me it’s really funny to drive those cars), the landscapes where the races take place are among the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen in a game.

This feeling increased after the release of the weather patch which combined with time transition delivers stunning vistas you’ll never forget (and also makes the game more difficult and exciting). The game tracks are located on different regions of the world and they’re far from the usual locations you can find in other games: Canada, Chile, India, Japan, Norway and Scotland. Each one feels different from the other and that’s one of the reasons every race, every track, every second of this game feels special.

For the video, I decided to show simultaneously three different conditions, so you can appreciate the differences on lighting and how the environment changes. I captured 105 different videos (35 tracks, 3 conditions for each one) and mixed them, with some problems because my PC really struggled xD. The music is from the game’s soundtrack, composed by Hybrid. Hope you like it.


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