Feature | inFamous Saga Concept Art

New kind of content is visiting the blog this week. Past week couldn’t publish anything because often new entries are linked to new videos, and I’ve limited time to capture and edit. So, I suddenly noticed another games related aspect that I really liked and could fit those busy days.

I always enjoy looking at the concept arts of the games (after completing them). It’s great to discover how the artists conceived a character, a location, a moment and how was traslated finally to the game or how beautiful concepts are unfortunately lost during pre-production. More and more games have this kind of content included and hope they continued this trend.

I won’t publish this kind on post under “Image Galleries” category because those images aren’t my own captures, so you will find this kind of post under Features.

The first post is about inFamous saga and contains concept art from the first two games. This games have been already featured on different posts and it’s one of my favorites. Thanks to Sucker Punch for putting this amazing fansite kits on their web and making this post so easy.


inFamous 2


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