Ending | Valiant Hearts: The Great War (Multi, 2014)

Past weekend I finished Valiant Hearts: The Great War, the game developed by Ubi Soft Montpellier and released past year along the Centenary of the World War I. Ubi Soft is often criticized, but supporting games like this one is admirable. The game combines an adventure, with enjoyable puzzles and some action touches while gives you historical information of the World War I. This along a beautiful art, charming music and a good story (and characters).

While I was playing (and enjoying) the game, I lived some great moments and was thinking of sharing them (that’s the purpose of both the YouTube Channel and this blog), but then, the game ending arrives and becomes the most crucial part of the game. Warning: Story spoilers from here.

The game begins with the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, but we witness the war thanks to four fictional characters and their relatives: Emile (French, drafted into French army), his son-in-law Karl (German, also drafted, but in German army), Anna (Belgian student that voluteer as nurse) and Freddie (American volunteer) . We also play with a lovely dog called Walt, who plays an important role in many puzzles. We also see what happens to Emile’s daughter (and Karl’s wife) Marie and her son Victor while they wait the return of their beloved ones or the rescue of Anna’s father, a kidnapped scientist.

After a little more than five (great) hours, facing different consequences of the war, fighting and fearing for their lives, with hope and desperation, with the desire of returning home with the people you love, it comes the end, and it’s a sad one. When you think that everyone will survive, Emile is court martialed after hitting and killing an officer who was sending his troops irresponsibly to death. Those last moments, with Emile facing his fate and the words of his last letter resounding will remain as one of the best endings I’ve ever played. Thank you to the team that developed this masterpiece.

Note: The image you see on the header is from a little scene that appears after the credits and not shown on the video.


1 thought on “Ending | Valiant Hearts: The Great War (Multi, 2014)

  1. I loved this game. It has a great art style and is educational. I could have done without the driving sections though. The ending tugs at the heart strings.

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