Opening | Resident Evil 4 (Multi, 2005)

After a long and complicated development (as everybody’s already knows, the first prototype ended setting the basis of “Devil May Cry”, released for PlayStation 2 in 2001), the final version of the game arrived ten years ago, exactly January 11th 2005, exclusively for Gamecube. The game was directed by Shinji Mikami, who just released The Evil Within last October with his new company, Tango Gameworks (can’t wait to try it).

The game was a big departure from previous entries, both in gameplay and setting and even a bit controversial for many Resident Evil fans because of the major focus on action, is undoubtedly one of the best games ever. The game was ported to PS2 later in 2005 (it was worse graphically, but I really enjoyed it since I didn’t have a Gamecube), and during past years has been released for many platforms.

The game opens with the kidnapping of Ashley Graham, the daughter of the President of United States, by an strang cult lost in a rural village somewhere in Europe… Well, even if Capcom never recognized it, it was clearly Spain (well, not a very realistic vision xD) and more exactly, Pyrenees (the border bewteen Spain and France). The villagers you meet say some unforgettable spanish phrases (“Detrás de ti, imbécil”, “Morir es vivir”…) with hilarious accent. But returning to the game, the opening of the game, with the protagonist Leon S. Kennedy approaching the village and setting the mood of the game (and the new gameplay) is certainly one of the greatests openings and moments in videogames (well, the rest of the game also is). A true masterpiece.


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