Gameplay | Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions (Multi, 2014)

Past November Activision released (under the renewed Sierra brand) a new entry of the Geometry Wars saga. Originally developed by the unfortunately closed Bizarre Creations and released on Xbox 360 I always wanted to play it, but wasn’t released on PlayStation. Now, and seeing there was a sale, I’ve finally played it and even if I can’t compare to previous entries, I’m really enjoying this new take developed by Lucid Games.

The game have different games modes: Adventure, Classic and Bonus Levels. I really like Adventure mode changes the game mechanics making every level I’ve played until now unique. Classic mode is a bit simplier, but the classic Leaderboard beating mechanic makes them really addictive.

Here you can see two videos showing the first two modes.

Adventure Mode

Following video shows first five levels (of fifty) of the game’s adventure mode, including first boss:

Classic Mode

Following video shows the five differente modes included in classic game mode:

  • Deadline
  • King
  • Evolved
  • Pacifism
  • Waves

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