Music | Outcast (PC, 1999) – Shamazaar Theme

I edited this video some time ago but I wasn’t (and still I’m not) happy about how it looked, so I never uploaded it. The song is long and don’t have enough good material. The main reason to make this was as a tribute to one of my favorite games ever after the failed Kickstarter of a HD remake. And suddenly, a slightly enchanced version of the original game has been today on Steam and fortunately update in GOG (until now it was the only place where you can get it, a version I have along the original physical edition), so I’ve decided to publish this video. It isn’t very good, but the music is amazing and that’s the main point here.

Outcast was a game developed by a Belgian company called Appeal and published by Infogrames on 1999. In a time where 3D graphic cards started to gain weight in the industry, this game was developed with “voxel” landscapes and polygonal characters using mainly CPU power. But that tech stuff wasn’t the main point for me, the almost open world and non-lineal nature of the game was what I enjoyed more. At that time, I feel like having an adventure on a big living world. The game had faults, controls where a bit clunky and the game wasn’t fluid enough, at least on my PC.

And along with a beautiful world to explore and a great adventure, the music also had is relevance. Composed by Lennie Moore and performed by Mosco Symphony Orchestra, you can listen it just putting second disk on a CD Player. Here the theme for Shamazaar (World of Temples), the second region you visit during the game:


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