Gameplay | DRIVECLUB (PS4, 2014) – First Races with Weather Patch

DRIVECLUB’s server problems have been notoriously reported. During first days, you couldn’t connect to them and the game features were, in result, limited. Fortunately, it was possible to play offline and thanks to a really good (in my opinion) gameplay and the beautiful landscapes the game shows, I was able to get over that problem. And that’s because it’s a great racing game and I will never understand reviews saying that is not good because it isn’t an open world game or the game has “no passion”. This game is pure racing, select mode, track and car and just race, nothing is artificially added (Evolution made this mistake by adding a “Story” to MotorStorm: Apocalypse). With that premise, for me is a great game.

During following weeks, Evolution Studios worked hard improving the game and right now all the features are working almost flawlessly. They even added the promised photo mode in November, along with the first three free tracks (all he DLC tracks are free) and the first Season Pass content free as compensation to early adopters.

Yesterday Evolution Studios released without delays the promised patch which features dynamic weather simulation along with two new beautiful tracks. And I’ve no words how the game changes with this, it’s like playing a new game. You can see the rain affecting the car, all the environment (even tree’s leaves get wet), the road. You can see how a storm lights all the environment during night. Here two gameplay videos showing the rain/snow in action on the two new tracks, hope you like it and if you’ve a PS4 and doubts about buying this game, I only can say: if you like arcade racing games, go for it.

Atlanterhavsvegen (Norway)

Sinclair Pass (Canada)


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