Level | Grand Theft Auto V (Multi, 2013) – Three’s Company

It’s a bit strange that during the two years life of this blog (and a bit more of the YouTube Channel), one of the biggest game franchises never appeared. The reason could be that personally, even if I still enjoy it, this saga hasn’t been as big as during PS2 era. By the time I bought my PS2 games like Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty were already released (at least in Japan) but it was a Grand Theft Auto III gameplay session I saw on a gaming TV channel (things have changed a bit during last years xD) what convinced me.

The sense of freedom, both in the actions you could make and the city itself was like nothing I had seen before. The world felt real and couldn’t wait a minute to just try it by myself. Apart from the story missions, I spent a lot of time just creating mayhem, trying to fly (successfully) the Dodo (and flying to the ghost town) or even taxi missions.

One year later, Vice City confirmed the saga with one of the most loved entries, with some gameplay additions and brilliant choice of music and a perfect resemblance of the 80s. Finally, in 2004, San Andreas closed the trilogy in PS2 (I’m not counting the ports of PSP games) with a game which surprised with its massive map and variety.

When GTA IV arrived, I played it a lot, there were some great missions (I couldn’t capture it, but Bank robbery mission certainly would be a solid “Best Game Levels” entry), but I noticed that I was starting to enjoy a bit less this kind of games. Last year I bought GTA V first day and find it incredible (having more locations, specially natural environments, apart from the city is a key for me), but suddenly I stopped playing it, without a clear reason (maybe another game releases, the new consoles, the lack of gaming time…). I thought about making a landscape video (this game really looks beautiful), but never started.

Now that PS4 and Xbox One version are releasing, I decided to give another chance to the game (the old version, not thinking about buying PS4 version yet) and suddenly I found myself playing this mission, which is (along the heists) one of the best I’ve found during my playtime. The use of all three main characters is near perfect and all the action is spectacular. Now, I want to play it more:


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