Moment | Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception (PS3, 2013) – Drake Returns

When I choose some Gaming Moments, the ones that aren’t playable can’t be a bit controversial. But I really like the mix of gameplay and story scenes, sometimes is difficult to tell the story properly just with gameplay (hats off to Half-Life) and this kind of scripted or recorded scenes can work brilliantly (well, if they don’t stop the action every second, of course), just check the ones featured on The Last of Us or The Walking Dead “Moments” selection. I will continue with this trend in the future.

Starting with a scene with some paralelisms with Uncharted 4 teaser, this little, intimate moment with two main Uncharted characters (Nate and Elena) comes just after some of the most spectacular levels ever seen on a game (I’ll upload them someday, waiting for the right moment). After all the ship mayhem, this fits perfectly and the conversation is really relevant for all that will come later on the game.


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