Level | Puppeteer (PS3, 2013) – Act 5

Even if Halloween hasn’t been popular where I live until recent years, since I started uploading gaming videos and writing this blog I tried to upload some horror related gaming videos during these days (Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Dead Space…). This year, however, I’ve had some problems to get the content ready and finally decided a bit different approach for this blog entry, not horror but other traditional Halloween imagery.

When I think about Halloween apart from horror movies, the first image that comes to my mind is related with the already movie classic “Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas”. Last year’s Puppeteer’s fifth act has a clear resemblance of that style and I find all the three levels that compose this act, some of the best levels I’ve recently played (to be honest, all the game is amazing, every single level has something different and special). Happy Halloween and enjoy the videos:

Curtain 1


Curtain 2


Curtain 3


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