Gameplay | Pix The Cat (PS4/Vita, 2014) – First Minutes – Arcade

When you have little time to play during the week is always great to find little fun and challenging games, which you can enjoy in small bursts and get really addictive. This year, I already have those kind of sensations while playing Rogue Legacy, and now thanks to PS+ (and cross-buy, best thing Sony has made in a long time), I think I’ve probably found another one (and can’t wait for Binding of Isaac: Rebirth next month, another free PS+ game).

Developed by Pastagames and with a main character already featured in other games (Pix’n Love – Rush released for iOS, Android and as PS Mini and developed also by Pastagames and Arkedo Series 03: PIXEL! Developed by Arkedo), blends mechanics of classics like Snake or Chu-Chu Rocket, but I think it’s better to see by yourself, it’s classic easy to play hard to master. On the technical side, is a simple game but one detail I really loved is the way the levels are shown interconnected and with different sizes.

Video is taken from my first four games (just show three on the video) on Arcade Mode and showing two different grids (still early on the game, but you open different level layouts as you progress) Starter and Main, but certainly I will improve and discover new mechanics (and also unlock another game modes) :


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