Gameplay | DRIVECLUB (PS4, 2014) – First Races

I’ve followed this game since it was announced during PlayStation Meeting, the event where PS4 was unveiled on February 20th 2013. It was going to be my first PS4 game, like MotorStorm (also developed by same studio, Evolution) was my PS3 game. I like driving games, both simulation and arcade ones, and I’ve always considered MotorStorm (alongside WipEout HD) the best arcade racing saga of the past generation.

Initially, I was a bit shocked, because I dreamt of a new MotorStorm, a mix between first two titles (I enjoyed Apocalypse, but I prefer natural environments) and thought it could be too similar to Gran Turismo. But then, the game clicked. First, it wasn’t open world (I’ve tried and enjoyed some, but right now I prefer track based driving) contrary to the general trend, allowing us to visit different regions of the world. Second, the regions chosen for the game were original ones, hardly seen before in a game (Chile, Scotland, India, Norway and Canada, with Antigua still missing). And third, they were promising an interesting gameplay choice, in between arcade and simulation (making different to Gran Turismo, Sony’s flagship driving franchise), making everyone think about Project Gotham (lead designer Gred Talbot joined Evolution some time before).

After that, some videos and demos and just a bit before the release, the game was delayed. First they said that was coming early 2014, but nothing happened and finally they announced the game for October. The wait has been long, I have follow the development closely (I usually make media blackout with the games I like, but with this one, the problem is smaller) but finally the game is here. They game has been improving, graphically but also gameplay wise, many people is praising the handle model of the game, with clear difference noticeable between different cars models. Unfortunately, some options like rain/snow, replay and photo mode aren’t present yet and they’ll come with later patches (can’t wait to test them).

Here you have my first minutes with the game, my first races (no HUD, except first race). I really liked this first minutes, pure racing, beautiful tracks, great sense of speed and good gameplay/controls/vehicle dynamics .I expect to upload a complete feature with all the tracks next week, maybe a bit later (probably I will do something similar that with Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, upload and continue updating the feature, including free DLC tracks). But right now I can’t promise anything, I’ve been a little busy last weeks and don’t have enough time for playing plus preparing videos.

First Race – Tamil Nadu Invitational (India)

Second Race – Mountain Dash (Chile)

Third Race – Cayoosh Trial (Canada)


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