Feature | MotorStorm (PS3, 2006-2007) – Tracks

MotorStorm was my first PS3 game, so it’s special for me. It was amazing. Released in Japan in December 2006 (without online) and later in America and Europe, it was a launch title in Europe.

Developed by Evolution Studios, it was a departure for them from WRC license games they developed during PS2 era. It was first showed with an incredible (in every sense xD) CGI trailer during infamous PlayStation 3 reveal at E3 2005 (how different from the PS4 reveal past year). The first real gameplay left some people disappointed (actually, it was a tech demo of the mud deformation at GDC) but the game was getting more and more polished and the final result was a good showcase of what PS3 was capable. I’ve always recommended to play this game in first person view, the sense of speed, the crashes, the mud hitting the screen… everything looks better with this view.

The gameplay was great; I still can play the game and enjoy it, even with the excessive rubber banding IA. But if there’s one thing where the game shines is in track design. It only has 8 tracks (4 more were released as DLC), but all of them are top notch, with multiple routes, each one with plus and cons, also related to the vehicle you handle.

Here you can find every track detailed, including track layout (thanks to MotorStorm Wiki), some captures (sorry for de quality, first title of the saga didn’t include Photo Mode) and a Video. Because of the lack of a single event mode, it wasn’t easy to properly show the different times of the day (something I will do with Pacific Rift feature, hopefully uploaded next week). Every video consist of a lap on the replay like camera that is shown at the end of the race (there aren’t proper replays) and a complete race at the track at certain time of the day, trying to show as many routes as I can:

The Grizzly
Coyote Rage
Raingod Mesa
Sidewinder Gulch
Dust Devil
DLC – Coyote Revenge
DLC – Devil’s Crossing

There are another two DLC tracks, only to play online or time attack (no new events, like the previous two), but never bought them, sorry: Diamondback Speedway and Eagle’s Nest.


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