Gameplay | Gran Turismo 6 (PS3, 2013) – Circuito de la Sierra – Time Rally

I’ve played Gran Turismo 6 a lot less than GT5. Probably because I haven’t been playing online (with previous title I took part in at least three online championships, with multiple long races). The game is good, improves a lot of things from previous game but still felt unfinished when it was released (some promised functions still aren’t available). I honestly think that this game should have been released in 2015 and for PlayStation 4.

Polyphony Digital has fortunately released some good free updates, including cars and even new tracks, like Red Bull Ring, Classic versions of Monza or Brand Hatch and some weeks ago, the longest (I’m not counting Special Stage Route X) track, Circuito de la Sierra. The track is made in the surrounding area of Zahara in Andalucia (Spain), close to Ronda, already featured in Photo Mode.



Along the new track, a new game mode called “Time Rally” is added, which is similar to classic driving game, with checkpoints and extra seconds awarded from other things like passing (slow) IA cars, jumps or speed traps.

After a long update process (two hours… come on Polyphony, I know I haven’t play the game in a while, but this seems too much), I finally tried both this new track and the new game mode.  It’s funny and the track (even with some technical faults) looks stunning. Here a video with my first try driving a Ferrari GTO ’84 (played with pad, not wheel this time):



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