Moment | Destiny (Multi, 2014) – The Sword of Crota

Destiny. Most talked game in a long time. First game of Bungie after creating one of the most successful game sagas in history, HALO. First multiplatform game after a long time being Xbox exclusive studio. A 10 year projected release schedule with a big Activision contract. Lot of pressure and hype, and a lot of controversy after game launch.

Personally, I bought after reading first impressions and knowing the reviews were far from perfect. Why I bought it then? Because the time I played both Alpha and Beta version was great, really fun game with good shooting mechanics. I also liked the environments, even if I found final number a bit short compared to expectations and initial rumors. The problems most people pointed (not good history development, some repetitive gameplay and missions and long loading times along the need of going to orbit after ending a mission) were already present during that previews. Probably, Activision and Bungie hyped this game too much for its own good, making us think that it was going to be bigger than what finally is. It’s a good game, with some clear faults.

Right now, I can only play the game during weekends, but already have put more than 12 hours on it and I still have to finish Venus, go to Mars and try multiplayer (Crucible) modes. I’ve played with partners in some patrol missions and two history missions (I’m playing this part mostly alone, but playing with another player, with microphones, was a lot better experience), and also a Strike using matchmaking, and that way the game feels even better. Still have to level up enough to try a raid.

Another criticism to the game is about the lack of big set pieces, a trend in the industry during last years. I honestly think that a good game can perfectly work without them, but because of being a sci-fi shooter, I was expecting (still to finish, maybe later?) some moments being more spectacular or just more memorable. But during my playtime, I’ve a moment really liked, the mission “The Sword of Crota” which tooks place in the Moon. Curiously, this moment changes the gameplay dynamics that I’ve praised before, from first person shooter to third peson sword. Even if the combat with sword is pretty basic (two attack options and the super attack which charged faster than usual), is satisfying and really had a great time during this combat. Really fun (and intense) part of the game:


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