Gallery | inFamous: First Light (PS4, 2014)

I still have to upload inFamous: Second Son gallery, just uploaded a preview. I was making new captures during my second playthrough, but didn’t finish. I will upload it, but right now I don’t know when. Fortunately, First Light gallery is ready.
As I’ve already wrote over here, I enjoyed this short entry. It isn’t as original as the one Sucker Punch made with inFamous 2 (Festival of Blood, with story based on terror and vampires). This time story is taken more seriously, telling the previous story of Abigail ‘Fetch’ Walker. The city where you expend more of the time is the same as in Second Son, so most of the photos are taken around Fetch and her powers.
Spoiler warning: apart from the Arena (which expands game’s life) the new natural environment where you play the end part of the game is incredible and I would like an inFamous game (or the next Sucker Punch project, whatever it is) with more natural landscapes. Last pictures show end part of the game, so please don’t watch them if you don’t want to be spoiled.
Hope you like it:




3 thoughts on “Gallery | inFamous: First Light (PS4, 2014)

  1. Nice pics. The graphics on these new consoles are very impressive.


    1. Thank you! And this is only the beginning, we will see increbile things in the future. 2015 looks like is going to be an amazing year for gaming, with great old sagas coming back and interesting new IPs.


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