Gameplay | Velocity 2X (PS4/PSV, 2014) – First Minutes

This entry was planned for past Thursday (I’m trying to keep the pace of Monday and Thursday blog updates), but finally I wasn’t able to download and play the game on time. But better late than never.


I got first Velocity game (a PlayStation Mini) free, I tried and it was fun, but didn’t play much more (on PS3). Some time later, they gave Velocity Ultra for Vita with PS+ and played it more, a really addictive game, easy to play but challenging. So, Velocity 2X was looking to be a must have as the release date was approaching. Every preview showed an evolution of the formula, with added on foot sections, better graphics and lighting.

Here my first minutes with the game, the first 8 levels (from a total of 50). As previous titles, this shows only the basic gameplay features of the game with short and easy levels, things get more complicated later, with the game asking you to use all of them to beat levels (and improve scores). Another great game by Futurlab:

I’ve decided to upload also another video with the next two levels, where you can see a bit of shooting action (this time is Spanish, sometimes I don’t change the settings and then I find and interesting video):


3 thoughts on “Gameplay | Velocity 2X (PS4/PSV, 2014) – First Minutes

  1. Doesn’t look like my type of game, but I may give it a go as it is free.


    1. I really liked Velocity and, specially, Velocity Ultra on Vita. After playing first minutes on PS4, I think I prefer playing this on a portable device. But it’s a good and challenging classic arcade game, something I always like. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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