Moment | inFamous: First Light (PS4, 2014) – A Date With Shane

I’m a fan of inFamous saga since first title, I’ve played all of them, even two times (still have to finish my evil runs on infamous 2 and Second Son indeed…) and always have found them entertaining, with good gameplay (sometimes a bit repetitive, I’ve to admit, but combat mechanics were better and better with every release) and interesting stories (first game has great opening and an amazing ending). With this standalone game I was expecting something like Festival of Blood, with the game mainly centered on gameplay dynamics (was really fun, with that flying power). But this time, we have all those enjoyable dynamics with a good story which greatly connects with the previous title. It’s short (I spend a bit more than 5 hours, without finishing all side missions but we some time expended on fabulous photo mode), but with the add-on of the arenas and I think the price is good.

I don’t understand some pre-release concerns because with Fetch we only have one power (contrary to Delsin). We also had one power (electricity) with Cole and was great and incredible varied. Actually, The back to a unique power is better for a short game like this and Fetch knows some new tricks we haven’t seen before. I also think that the refinements made on the combat probably make this entry best in the series, everything is incredible fluid, with all kind of range attacks. The moment I’ve chosen is late on the history, so don’t watch it because it has big spoilers of the history. I think it was great to finally full understand Fetch’s background:

Next week will probably upload the full gallery of this game, the photo mode is as addictive as ever. Have great time capturing action moments, powers or landscapes.


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