Music | FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 (Multi, 1997) – Blur “Song 2”

I love football games. I think that I’ve played football games on almost all the platforms I owned. The first great title came with Amiga, with long hours went playing both Sensible Soccer and Kick Off 2 (I like both, for different reasons, so, I’m not going to start another classic fight xD).

After that, and because I skipped PlayStation/Saturn/N64 generation (I played some games, but never owned one), the next big football title came with FIFA 98 on PC. It was my first 3D football game, it also was the first FIFA game with Spanish commentators, but most important thing: it was a great football game, probably best FIFA game until FIFA 08 and beyond (well, maybe last games aren’t as good as 09 to 12 edition, didn’t play all).

After that, I tried some FIFA games on PC, not so good, and then, PS2 arrived with Pro Evolution Soccer (my most played game ever). Rest is history (well, on PS3 I returned to FIFA, playing it full manual is amazing).

So, the point of this blog entry today is to remember (as you’ve already seen in the headline) another great thing from that title, the music (I always find some good songs on FIFA soundtracks), specially intro song, Blur’s Song 2:



5 thoughts on “Music | FIFA: Road to World Cup 98 (Multi, 1997) – Blur “Song 2”

  1. I loved playing Sensi on my friend’s Amiga and eventually on the Megadrive. The original FIFA was good fun too.


    1. I played a lot of Sensible on Amiga, amazing game. Thanks for reading!


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