Opening | Dead Space 2 (Multi, 2011)

Dead Space was one of the greatest surprises past generation. I liked it since the first moment I saw, bought it at launch and enjoy it start to finish. So, I was really waiting for the second game. And even if was a little more action focused, Visceral Games delivered another great title. The opening isn’t as epic as the USG Ishimura approach and arrival (you can see it here), but makes perfect transition from the madness at the end of the first game to the second.


2 thoughts on “Opening | Dead Space 2 (Multi, 2011)

  1. I loved the first two Dead Space games, but haven’t finished the third one. I agree the intro for the first game is more memorable than the second one.

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    1. I have yet to play the third one… First Dead Space took us by surprise… a really nice surprise. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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