Gameplay | Rogue Legacy (Multi, 2013-2014) – First Minutes

My first (and a bit pathetic xD) minutes with Rogue Legacy, a game that has taken me by surprise. It’s not easy to show on a video or to explain why this game is so good, but if you can, please try it.

Extremely addictive gameplay, rewarding character evolution and incredible funny. One of the best games I’ve played in a long time. After the first minutes, in the final part of the video you can see another run with a Level 25 character (actually, I’ve just passed Level 50, the highter, the better).

And being cross-save/cross-buy makes even better. It’s really playable on big screens, but playing in little bursts and upgrading on Vita, it’s pure perfection. First time I’m really taking advantage of this function.

Play. Die. Repeat. Have fun:


3 thoughts on “Gameplay | Rogue Legacy (Multi, 2013-2014) – First Minutes

  1. You actually survived for much longer than I did during my first attempt.


    1. Maybe a bit lucky, I die a lot and still haven’t defeteat final bosses… By the way, nice review on your blog. Great little game, extremely addictive.


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