Music | The Last of Us (2013)

The Last of Us appeared many times both in channel and blog. Personally, one of the best games I’ve ever played. There are many things that make this game unforgettable, the history, the art direction (those landscapes and the attention to detail), the gameplay and, of course, the music Gustavo Santaolalla composed.

Known for his movie soundtracks (Amores Perros, Motorcycle Diaries, Brokeback Mountain, Babel…), his style makes perfect fit with the tone of the story. Here the main theme and the song that (SPOILER WARNING)…


…sounds when credits start rolling. I’ve chosen this second song because really loved it when I heard it (that shocking ending… you can see here) and because it sounds to me like ending tunes of Silent Hill games. Both videos are made with concept art of the game, some can considered also as spoilers (mainly, locations):

The Last of Us (Main Theme)


The Path (A New Beginning)


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