Level | Watch_Dogs (Multi, 2014) – Naranja Carcelario (Orange is the New Black)

I had some doubts about putting this in “Best Game Levels”, maybe it has better fit just as Levels (don’t have this category) or Gameplay. Also, it’s maybe a bit early, just started the game and probably will find better moments later (the game is a bit controversial, but I’m enjoying it a lot).

But for some reason, this level clicked and enjoyed start to finish . And because Share function didn’t fail this time (lots of problems with this game), I decided to upload it.

I think this level shows some key points of a game: good stealth (with original hacking mechanics), decent shooting (better than what the video shows, sorry, not my best) and some genre typical driving. If they tune up some things technically (mainly day time lighting, some textures and popping) and also story side, the next game of the saga could be something special… because it’s Ubi Soft and we know there’s going to be another Watch_Dogs game.

Now, please enjoy Naranja Carcelario / Orange is the New Black (sorry, usually upload in english, this time is in spanish and no mission replay doesn’t help re-recording):





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