Opening | Demon’s Souls (PS3, 2009)

First, I’ve to be honest. I never finished the game. I started playing it, enjoyed a lot, but because maybe the summer or maybe other reasons, I stopped playing it. But the hours I put in it were unforgettable.

Since I first saw the game in a gameplay video during 2008 TGS, I felt fascinated with the game, even if animations felt rough. So, after the release in Japan, I read a lot of incredible opinions of gamers enjoying it. The wait until Bandai Namco (great mistake SCEE and SCEA) released in Europe and America was long, but finally I could play it.

And surely the game delivered, can’t forget the music, the lore, the levels, the enemies… Like some kind of black magic, I don’t remember myselft playing the game, I remember myself wandering through the levels. It’s hard to explain, but that was the feeling gave me. Something I’ve revived during the recording of the video for this entry. Suddenly, I wasn’t able to stop playing…  I’m going to play it again during next days and after that, I’m going to start playing Dark Souls. That way, the wait to the rumored “Project Beast”, the new game by original Souls team with Miyazaki, will be shorter.

Here, the intro and first gameplay moments of one of the defining games of past generation [Note: yes, the title in the video isn’t correct…]:





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