Opening | Shadow of the Beast II (Amiga, 1990)

Maybe you’re watching it for the first time today and you think that this opening seems a bit ridiculous. But trust me, more than twenty years ago, when I saw this for the first time, it was absolutely amazing. Replaying it, maybe gameplay isn’t the best, but the graphics, art and music of this saga were really great (even if I missed the incredible parallax scrolling of first game, a bit cut down for the sequel)


Bonus video, the mesmerizing music of the main screen:


4 thoughts on “Opening | Shadow of the Beast II (Amiga, 1990)

  1. I have read some reviews about the Megadrive version, which were pretty scathing. I take it the Amiga version was better?


    1. Never tried Megadrive one but I guess being originally developed for Amiga by a team with a lot of AGA experience, AGA version will be the best one. I’ve seen some information about this here


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