Classic | Pang (1989)

Finally, the first game of “Classics” series. I will try with each new entry to put some details about the game, screenshops and a video with gameplay and all the details. Hope you like it, waiting for feedback.


The Game

Developed by a small company (Mitchell Corporation, closed in 2012) and released in 1989, Pang / Buster Bros. / Pomping World is a classic arcade, based on a simple premise but extremely playable and addictive. You’ve to clean every stage destroying balloons, which are split in two smaller ones after each shot. The game supports two player simoultaneus multi-player. After the arcade version, it was released on multiple platforms.

I first saw the arcade version and then I could play it home thanks to an amazing Amiga version published by the mythical Ocean (if Hall of light doesn’t lie, developed by Ocean France Actually, I still have the original version of the game.

The game had some sequels, like Super Pang / Super Buster Bros. in 1990, Pang 3 in 1995 and Mighty! Pang in 2000.



One of the best things of the game is that during your journey, you visit 17 amazing locations along the world, with a total of 50 levels (the last location only has 2, the others have 3, showing different time of the day… Have I already said this game is amazing? xD)


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



During the game, you have the basic wire pistol which can be upgraded to other three when the correct item appears. You don’t lose them until you lost a life, clear stage or change for another weapon.


Vulcan Missile

A powerful weapon but limited by the fact that you have to be just below the baloon and you can’t destroy blocks with it.

Double Wire

Personally, I consider this the best weapon for general purposes. It’s the basic pistol but with the hability to shot two consecutive wires.

Power Wire

Useful in tight platforms, it gets fixed when it touches a platform or the top border of the screen.


 Other items

Shield : protects you from one impact.
Hourglass: makes the baloons move slower.
Clock: stops the balloons (and animals) for a short period of time.
Dynamite: pops all the balloon to the smallest size. This can be tricky and dangerous sometimes because suddenly all the screen gets filled of small balloons.
Extra life: obvious one. Appears after destroying all the blocks of certain stages (first one is). Sometimes appears after popping some balloons. You can also get lifes reaching certain scores (20.000, 100.00 points…)
Fruits (and other  foods): give you extra points, increasing every stage.
Astronaut: appears in the top right of the screen an crosses all the stage. If you shoot it, you get 10.000 points. I used to see him playing Amiga version, not the arcade one I used to make this post…



During the game, some animals appear on stage, sometimes to disturb, sometimes to help and sometimes to disturb while trying to help. Some of them:

Pang_Animals_01 Pang_Animals_02 Pang_Animals_03 Pang_Animals_04 Pang_Animals_05





And finally, a video with gameplay and more:


6 thoughts on “Classic | Pang (1989)

  1. Sometimes the simplest of games are the most addictive. I hear the port of this game, on the short lived Amstrad console, was pretty good.

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  2. First found this game while playing on MAME – immediately added to the favourites list! One of those games that always suggests you can win, as long as you’re a little bit quicker next time!

    Liked by 1 person

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