Gameplay | Transistor (Multi, 2014) – First Minutes

First minutes of Transistor, new game by Supergiant Games, the creators of Bastion.

I haven’t Played Bastion, even if I can play it on PC, but during past E3 (I will start a personal E3 feature next week) Transistor reveal trailer really caught my attention. Little gameplay was shown, but the art style of the game and the music (beautiful song titled “We All Become”, part of the impressive soundtrack of the game, which Greg Kasavin recommended not listening before playing the game), along with the mostly great reception Bastion had, made this one of my most wanted titles.

And less than a year later, here I am, already playing and enjoying it. The first moments of the game have been interesting and intriguing, will see if the game holds. I’ve read also interesting New Game+ options, so I guess that I’m going to be some time playing it. If I find interesting moments during my gameplay, surely I will share them here.

Here the video with my first minutes (and yes, while playing, change the options and put speaker DualShock 4 on):






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